Feeling uninspired by the London lunchtime market, our soup savior Patou, in 2004 set out about creating a little slice fresh, exotic and inspired home cooking in London. Her quest for taste, flavor and quality is on going. Their inspirations are the corner cafes, stalls and hawker centers of Singapore where Patou grew up.

A melting pot of flavours; Indian, Chinese & Malay has created our menu which has evolved over the years so we can cater for all diets.

Each of our soups, Asian inspired breakfasts and rice boxes are lovingly made. We only use fresh ingredients and never use emulsifiers, stabilizers or any other nasties in our products; simple, honest ingredients which are fried, roasted, simmered or grilled. No short cuts are taken and the results can be seen in the flavours of our products. Spices from Asia such as Galangal, Tamarind, Panch Phoran, Pandan, and Scotch Bonnet are some of the stars of the show.