Meet Patou: The creator of Nusa.

Growing up in Singapore, Patou used to always look forward to her lunch time school treats at the tuck shop; laksas, coconut rice, black rice, noodle broths and more. It was her childhood dream to own her own soup shop.

In 2004, Patou founded Nusa Kitchen to bring that little slice of Singapore to the hungry office workers of London using generations old recipes.

The healthy, delicious and comforting soups were soon a favourite in the City. Today Nusa Kitchen has 6 shops and an ever growing fan base.


From our humble beginnings as an Asian inspired soup shop on Old Street, we now offer a selection of delicious rice boxes, inspiring salads, healthy breakfasts as well as our famous soups. We still prepare our food the same loving way we did when we first opened back in 2004 and currently operate 6 stores.


Patou is the founder, chef & the heart of Nusa. She’s been running the business for over ten years.
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Sergey Georgiev
Sergey GeorgievOps Manager
Sergey makes sure that everything runs smoothly in our operations throughout.
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Hubert Zanier
Hubert ZanierMD / CEO
With 20+ years of experience in finance, he has brought a new drive and dynamism to the business.
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