Our soup menu changes weekly, offering you a selection of meat, fish, vegetarian, gluten free and/or dairy free choices.

  Gluten-free     Dairy-free       Vegetarian     Vegan


If you have any allergies please check our allergenes booklet and ask a member of staff.
Our lovely food is hand made in a very busy kitchen where we use several ingredients that can cause allergies and unfortunately we cannot guarantee that any of our food is completely free of allergens. If your allergy is severe please consider carefully whether you choose to consume our food.
Nutritional Facts of All Our Soups


Balinese Spicy Chicken
372 Kcal

Nusa Chunky Chilli Beef
386 Kcal

Singapore Tiger Prawn Laksa
578 Kcal


Aviyal Sri Lankan Coconut & Cauliflower
399 Kcal

South Indian Tomato Rasam
404 Kcal

Kung Pao Chickpea
440 Kcal

+£2 for large size
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Beef Rendang £7.25 / +2 for large
Slow Cooked Malay Style Beef Bavette
855 Kcal

Penang Chicken Curry Capitan £6.75 / +2 for large
Nonya Style Chicken Curry
  683 Kcal

Japanese Miso Cod £7.75 / +2 for large
Miso Marinated Cod, Coconut Rice
  499 Kcal

Tofu & Mushroom £6.25 / +2 for large
Asian Inspired Tofu & Mushroom
  498 Kcal

All boxes come with rice and Asian slaw.


Szechuan Chicken Noodles £6.75
Spicy and Succulent Chicken Egg Noodles From Chengdu
w/Kale & Pickled Mustard

Shanghai Vegan Noodles £6.25
Local Shanghai Hawker Favourite Noodles
w/Shiitake Mushrooms Edamame, Pak Choi & Tofu


Mixed Berry Pot £2.95

Papaya Pot £2.95

Balinese Black Rice Pudding £2.95
W/Coconut Milk & Fresh Mango

Indian Rice Pudding £2.95
W/Pistachio & Seasonal Compote

Mysore Mango Lassi £2.50


Nusa Scrambled Eggs £3.50
Bombay Spiced Eggs
Sri Lankan Coconut Eggs
Vietnamese Herb Eggs

Add Smoked Salmon Or Avocado £1.00
Add Bacon Or Sausage £0.50
Add Toast £0.50

South Indian Tofu Scramble £3.95
Add Avocado £1.00

Nusa Toasties
Asian Spiced Eggs Toastie £2.95
Kim Chi Omelette Toastie £2.95
Korean Ham & Cheese Toastie £3.50 W/Japanese Mayo And Jalapeños

Add Bacon Or Sausage £0.50
Add Avocado Or Smoked Salmon £1.00
Add Kim-Chi Omelette £1.00
Add Asian Spiced Omelette £1.00

Krabi Coconut Porridge £2.50 / £2.95
W/Honey, Raisins, Seeds Or Seasonal Fruit Compote

Bircher Muesli £2.95 / £3.45
W/Fresh Berries

Yoghurt Pots £2.20
Fresh Berry / Mango Puree / All W/Granola


Vietnamese Coffee  £2.75

Chai Tea Latte  £2.50

Flat White  £2.50

Latte/ Cappuccino  £2.50

Americano  £2.30

Espresso / Machiatto  £1.50

Double Espresso  £1.80

Mocha  £2.60

Hot Chocolate  £2.50

Tea  £1.70

Also served with soy or oat milk
Extra shot coffee £0.50

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